Territory and Strategic Mapping

Whether you're looking for a needle-in-the-haystack provider treating a rare gene disorder or providers treating the greatest number of patients with a common condition, DocNexus’ healthcare data platform gives you insights to make important decisions with confidence.


Next-Generation Healthcare Analytics Platform:

Discover and Identify HCPs, HCOs, and Manufacturers instantly. DocNexus’ Search Engine democratizes access to healthcare data and enables life science organizations to make connections across millions of scientific publications, clinical trials, payments, and news that would normally take days within seconds.

DocNexus helps to identify trends by geography and uncover relationships to supercharge your development and commercial strategies:

From planning to execution DocNexus’ Platform helps you power strategic planning and tactical execution. With our platform, you can access insights within your workflow.

We provide a Global Command Hub that provides a real-time data feed of HCPs, HCOs, and Manufacturers within your specific therapeutic area. Get data on more than 8.5 million + global physicians, 455,000 + clinical trials, 5.1B + claims, and leverage them instantly to better understand your strategic environment.

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