US Commercial Claims Insights

We leverage 5.1+ Billion Commercial Claims to give you real-time insights to help you understand your market, target audiences, profile targets, and measure the impacts of your strategies.

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Next-Generation Healthcare Analytics Platform:

Our healthcare data platform, streamlines the analytics process by removing complex data integration and cleaning from the equation and allowing you to focus on what matters most turning data into insights.


DocNexus’ Insight Engine: We think of analytics in life sciences as a journey. We meet you wherever you are and step in where you need help – whether that be software, services, access to data, or all three.

Our claims insights empower life sciences, payers, providers and other stakeholders with the data necessary to solve conventional and emerging challenges faster and more cost effectively.

Instantly understand how your product is performing in the market and see what your competitors are doing. With our platform, we empower you to optimize your strategy for getting life-saving products to market faster.

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